Jihyun Seo

Jihyun Seo is living in New York and Seoul and she is doing media arts such as photography and video to communicate with people to her constructed works.

Her passion is in making advertising through media arts to turn our life into positively. Her energy and willingness to work have grown stronger each year and have pushed her forward to learn new process and materials. 



  • School of Visual Arts - New York in U.S.A., M.F.A., Photography, video and related media, 2014~2017

  • Sungshin Women’s University - Seoul in South Korea, B.F.A., Fine Arts, 2010~2014

  • Kaywon High School of Arts - Gyunggi-do in South Korea, Fine Arts, 2008~2010



  • A ART DIRECTOR OF FIG COLLECTIVE FASHION STUDIO 2016~2017 -Photo editing(ex. photo selection, color correction, composition... etc.) -assisting photo-shoots

  • A PHOTOGRAPHER OF JULIIANA KIM’S FASHION BRAND CATALOGUE 2015 -Photograph fashion designer’s work -Retouching photos

  • AN ASSISTANT FOR JUNE KOREA ARTIST’S PROJECT 2015 -Assist the artist’s work

  • A SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR ‘PASTA’ MOVIE 2015 -Assist A.D’s work -Set up each scene of schedule

  • A STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT 2012~2013 -Serve as a messenger between professors and students affairs administration -Being responsible for student’s budget

  • PREPARING GRADUATION EXHIBITION BOARDS OF A STUDENT 2013 -Assist, advise, and refer students on the exhibition -Gather the art of works data and budget for developing exhibition
    -Design a poster for fine arts graduation exhibition


  • Clio Award - Innovation(Gold), Product Design(Silver), 2018, NY, United States

  • Cannes Lions 2018 International Festival of Creativity - Innovation(Gold), Health&Wellness(Gold), Product Design(Silver), 2018, Paris

  • CA it Awards Photography Gold Award. CA it Awards, 2015, United States

  • Winning of Seoul–New York Photo Festival Award, 2015, Korea


  • 'Detroit Biennale.' Museum of New Art, 2016, Troy, MI, United States

  • '9th Invitational Art Exhibition.' Jersey City City Hall, 2016, New Jersey, United States

  • ‘CA it Award’ Screenings, Sia New York Gallery, 2015, New York

  • ‘SIPF 2015’ DDP International Conference Hall, 2015, South Korea

  • School of Visual Arts MFA Photography, video and related media salon, 2014~2015, New York

  • Sungshin Women’s University BFA’s Western Painting Graduation Exhibition, 2013, South Korea

  • Kaywon High School Student Exhibition, 2009, South Korea